Orthotic Appliance

An orthotic appliance comfortably fits over either the lower or upper teeth or both, where it can remain invisibly for several months. Worn 24 hours a day, this precise appliance is removed only for cleaning the teeth. The appliance permits the jaws to come together in a healthy muscular position, thereby retraining the muscles to move along a more natural, muscularly oriented pathway into the new occlusion. Patients often report experiencing a significant improvement of symptoms within a month, following appliance therapy. Utilizing our in house lab, each appliance is manufactured according to patient’s detailed tooth anatomy and specific condition to provide a stable biting position.

The appliance is temporary, much like a cast on a broken arm, whose purpose is to re-align the jaw, teeth, and muscles into the proper position for maximum medical improvement prior to a more permanent solution. At Lunn Dentistry, we monitor our TMD/TMJ patients for improvement and/or make adjustments to the appliance during the Phase 1 Treatment, which typically lasts 4 to 5 months. Patients should expect to visit our office following delivery of the appliance according to a dentist prescribed schedule, depending upon how their treatment is progressing.

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